About Naturally Grown

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About Us

We believe in the simple, natural things in life. There is no better feeling than being surrounded by the beauty of nature, the comfort of local, wholesome food, and the love and laughter of family. By choosing what goes in and on your body, and ensuring the products that your family enjoys are created in a way that respects the natural balance of the world, you can enjoy that unparalleled feeling.

How Our Mission Began

When I found out I was pregnant I started reading about optimal pregnancy and child growth. The possibilities and opportunities were exciting, but the information about the potentially harmful chemicals that are allowed in our everyday products was worrisome. How would I provide the best opportunities for my child while limiting the risks?
I began by revamping my morning routine with natural, chemical free products and haven’t looked back. When my son was born, I wanted the same thing for his skin… natural, chemical free products. My quest for natural growth included cloth diapering, safe baby wearing, breast feeding and natural baby foods, and extensive research that went into finding the right products for us. About 6 months into parenthood, I realized I was sick of shopping on the internet and purchasing items I couldn’t see and feel. I was tired of packing up the family and traveling long distances to find quality natural products. I wanted to have a variety of natural options to choose from when selecting what we would use with our son. That’s when the idea for this store began…. Local, Accessible, Natural and Eco-Friendly Products and Education to allow your child to be Naturally Grown.

Proprietor – Dr. Alison Brown
Dr. Alison is a chiropractor practicing in Schodack and Albany, NY. Her background in chiropractic emphasizes holistic views of natural health and healing options. Creating balance within ones body and natural surroundings is essential for a vibrant life. After receiving her doctoral degree in chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Alison has furthered her expertise earning advanced certifications in pediatric chiropractic and pregnancy care (Webster technique).  Her caring nature and desire to help families promote healthy and natural development have continued in the Naturally Grown boutique.

In addition to her dedication to serving her patients and customers, Alison can be found enjoying the company of her husband, Jason, son Julian, and four-legged son, Rudy.

 Photos by: Linda Conley Photography