Natural homemade playdough

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Naturally made playdough. Recipe and instructions.

compliments of Naturally Grown, LLC 282-B River St in Troy, NY.

Children love to help make this.  The anticipation of the upcoming fun, measuring and counting (1,2,3), and kneading all make great jobs for little assistants.  Adults (or older children) should handle the heating and stirring around the hot stove.

Ingredients:  [note: all ingredients are edible, although this is not intended to be food]

2 c. flour {we used local organic flour and ingredients, and gluten free could be used if necessary}
2 c. water
1 c. salt
3 T. vegetable oil
2 T. cream of tartar (this can be a challenge to find)
Food coloring (optional)  {we used India Tree natural colors; other natural coloring agents could be used, and watercolor paint can work as well}

This recipe makes enough for 1-4 children.  The recipe can be doubled for a larger group.

Necessary supplies

Necessary supplies


  • large sauce pot,
  • measuring spoons,
  • measuring cup(s) [dry & liquid],
  • whisk,
  • wooden spoon (or similar item to stir, needs to be firm/strong),
  • & a storage container.
Naturally Grown Playdoug Preparation

1. Whisk all ingredients vigorously until smooth

Now that you have everything you need. Let’s get started:

  1.  In a sauce pot whisk together all ingredients.  Whisk thoroughly to minimize/eliminate lumps.
  2. Optional: add food coloring

    2. Optional: add food coloring
    3. Move to stove and stir with a wooden spoon

    (Optional)Add food coloring & mix thoroughly.

  3. Move pot to stove and cook on medium heat.  Stir constantly to avoid sticking (wooden spoon recommended).
  4. As dough thickens, reduce heat to low.
  5. Continue cooking until playdough becomes thick and all sticks together in one clump.
  6. This dough will be very hot. Allow a couple minutes to cool.

    6.This dough will be very hot. Allow a couple minutes to cool.

    Remove from heat and dump onto a heat resistant surface (counter top, wood table, or cutting board all  work well).

  7. 20131205_100447 (800x450)

    7. Little ones love to help knead. (& we’re almost ready to play)

    As it cools enough to handle, knead the dough to achieve uniformity.  (This can be fun for little ones and feels great on the hands.)

  8. Naturally Grown cooling playdough

    8. Spread playdough as wide as possible. Flip once to facilitate cooling.

    Spread dough out and let it cool.  Flip once to allow further cooling.

  9. Begin playing or store in airtight container or bag for later use.  With proper storage his will keep for months.